Tips on how to attach photos

How best to place photos in an album? What size should photos be?

Photo albums and wedding books are A4 paper size.

You can insert photos into a photo album or wedding book in a creative way or by attaching as many photos as possible in a classic way

How to place as many photos as possible in a photo album or wedding book?

Photo size 9 x 13 cm

9x13 podruhé_2

Photo size 10 x 15 cm

10x15 poprvé_2

Size combinations

10x15 podruhé_2


Inspiration for creative concepts of photo albums and wedding books

Dřevěné fotoalbum MOTIV


The easiest way to place photos in an album?


Self-adhesive translucent corners are intended for attaching photos to photo albums. The box contains 500 corners.

You will use 4 photo corners per photo, so you can stick a total of 125 photos with this package.

You can order photo corners directly from us. HERE


Fotorůžky- ukázka2_1


White adhesive rubber. It leaves no traces and is reusable.

Contains 84 pieces of pre-cut squares.

One square can be used for one photo (can be further divided into smaller pieces) You can order adhesive rubber directly from us. HERE



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